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Training Solutions

Originating from our commitment to provide meaningful opportunities to veterans, SENSE has evolved into a premier provider of sovereign Human Terrain™ capabilities. Our unyielding dedication to excellence sets us apart, delivering comprehensive solutions to Defence, law enforcement, emergency services, and private industry. Our collective expertise, spanning trusted services to the Australian Defence Force, supplying role players for major entertainment productions, and the Australian Federal Police ensuring meticulous compliance, and excelling in adaptability, forms the bedrock of our success. SENSE is your partner for unwavering commitment, excellence, and adaptability in every endeavour.


  • Weapons and ammunition

  • Safety and induction training

  • ITAR accreditation


  • Project management support

  • Contract management

  • DISP member

  • DSS panellist

  • Licenses and insurances

  • WHS/OHS management

  • Australian Defence registered supplier

  • Training, development support and management


  • RF/ HF/ UHF communications

  • Radios

  • Repeaters

  • Antennas

  • Satellite phones


  • Transport support

  • Quartermaster support

  • Vehicle support

  • Construction support

  • Catering and mess support

  • Power and water

  • Accommodation and ablution


  • Medical support

  • Psychological support

  • High fidelity simulation

  • Biometrics

  • Human performance optimisation (HPO)

  • Astroskin and Hexoskin technology

  • Medical supplies, equipment and WHS assistance

  • Registered nurses and paramedics

  • All terrain medical vehicles


  • Role players

  • Equipment and uniforms

  • Military vehicles

Role Players

  • Taser scenarios

  • Hand to hand combat

  • Martial arts training

  • Combative situations


  • HICON/ LOCON/ EXCON resources

  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)

  • Labour force

  • Target teams

  • Special warfare

  • Cyber security

  • Counter intelligence

  • Security support

  • Military specialists

  • UAV drone technologies


  • Simulation effects (SFX) - Explosions, squibs, etc

  • Special effects makeup - Blood, wounds, etc

  • Battlefield noise simulation (BNS)

  • AR/ VR/ XR simulations and technology support

  • Fire burns (full body and partial)

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